About Us


As mother and daughter, we have worked together in our retail family business since Kaitlyn was three.  We’ve always loved spending time together, entertaining family and friends, traveling, and sharing the love of jewelry! In 2014 we decided to partner together to create a new family business that shared our passions and also brought together other women, giving them an opportunity to grow their own businesses. 

Kalypso TwistZ was born!

We discovered the unique interchangeable jewelry concept, loved the versatility combined with the sparkly bling look  and the idea of sharing it with all of our girlfriends. We are so excited to be able to share the Kalypso TwistZ jewelry line with women across the country .  The product line is unique and exclusive to our brand, high quality and versatile.  You start with a base, whether it is a ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings and change out the look with a simple twist. 


And it’s so easy to travel with…  One small makeup bag will hold everything you need to go from day to night and classy to casual!  We loved the interchangeable jewelry so much that we built a business that empowers other women to share their love for the product.  By joining as Jewelry Therapists, selling through in-home parties and events, hosts with be rewarded with free and half priced items!  It was important for us to build a business that worked for growing families just like ours.  We had the opportunity to raise our family and maintain a successful business at the same time, now we are supporting a community of women doing the same thing.  Whether this is a full time job or a way to supplement current income, its completely flexible.  Jewelry Therapists can make their own hours that fit their schedule with tools and resources needed to grow their dreams.  We’ve just begun! 

Join us as a customer by shopping online or at a jewelry party, Host and be rewarded with FREE and half prices items, or Join our mission and become a Jewelry Therapist.